Sisterly love

little-bros-homeworkLittle brother wasn’t feeling well, so she decided to finish his homework packet for him.

Help ME?

sweet-faceI can’t tell if she’s happy or secretly screaming, “Help ME!”


chilin with my lil dudeChillin’ on the kitchen floor. Waiting for the brownies to bake.

Be my Valentine

my sweet valentineI refuse to buy those cheap Valentine’s that end up in the garbage. So I tell my kids that if they want to exchange Valentine’s with anyone, they have to make them themselves.

This one was for his best, girl friend.


training-has-begunI’ve officially begun training for my next 15K. It’s been over a year since I ran last and this 3 mile run was a painful reminder how quickly one can get out of shape. I’m really hoping that my muscles, lungs and mind will remember that I can run.