I found these little squirmies the other day. They were in a little pool filled with water that the chickens drink out of. I was worried that they came from the chickens and that I would have to treat the whole flock for parasites. And possibly our cats. I was googling treatment options and what we should do with the yard.

Instead of running to Tractor Supply and buying a cart full of supplies, I decided to ask some of my chicken friends and talk with my vet. The consensus was that they’re just some poor, unfortunate earthworms.

Whew. Bullet dodged for now.

Whole lotta eggs

Whole lotta eggs

We went camping for a few days and this is what returned to. A whole lotta eggs.

Chicken hugs



Dumbledore is getting ready fly the coop.


Fowl pox

This is Goose. She was our first egg layer!
fowl-pox-04This is Biscuit.

I noticed some wart looking spots on a few of my chickens today. They are mainly on their combs and wattles and one has some on her foot. Ewww, I thought.

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