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monsters in the closet

So, how did you sleep last night, Buttercup? Not good, Mommy. Why not? Because Buzz was all over me. Buzz responds: But, … Read more


Yes. I deserve the doughnut, I ran 5 miles.

sleepy time

Breathe in, Breathe out. Like the ebb and flow of the ocean. Dreams swirling around the room. I sit in the dark … Read more

swimming with cheerios

Cheerio located. Spoon tracking. Swirling milk in pursuit. Spoon sneaking up from underneath like a submarine. Cornered Cheerio has no where to … Read more

slimy chicken

In an parallel life, I live on a farm, have chickens and want to roast one for dinner. So I chase it … Read more


Mommy? Yes. I put my bestest powers on you so you’re the wonderfullest mommy.

bad guy soup

Ingredients: 1 or more Bad Guys Hearts, livers and lungs Grits Tomatoes Wheelbarrows and watering cans Deer antlers Sugar and salt Flowers … Read more