With all this hatred flowing through the veins of our country and world, everything feels unsure and scary.

I need a solid ground to sit upon.

So I remember that I will still push snooze every morning.

Take my kids to school.

Keep the laundry going.

Make dinner.

Collect the eggs from my chickens.

Give my kids sweet dream kisses when they go to bed.

Go grocery shopping.

Fill the car with gas.

Look up at the clouds and breathe.

Pay our monthly bills.

Wash the dinner dishes.

Feel the rain on my face.

Drink my glass of wine.

Brush my teeth every day.

Lay down next to and dream with my best friend.

These are my solids. They will not change.
These are the things that will have to keep me grounded to the present.

Sonja Gapinski

About Me

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