training-has-begunI’ve officially begun training for my next 15K. It’s been over a year since I ran last and this 3 mile run was a painful reminder how quickly one can get out of shape. I’m really hoping that my muscles, lungs and mind will remember that I can run.

Please take off your shoes in the house

no-shoes-in-the-houseSo for millionth time today I said, “Please don’t wear your shoes in the house.”

But what I really meant was, “Please walk through the entire house with your muddy shoes on, then take them off and leave them in the middle of the doorway so I can trip over them.”


choicesWe make choices everyday. Today I chose to read instead of stalking facebook.


weevilsFound their hiding place.


sunsetSometimes I think heaven is real.

I’m not a bacon lover


Made some bacon tonight. I surprisingly have never made bacon like this before. I’m not a bacon lover, but this was pretty damn good.

Egg cup

egg-cupThanks mom for the sweet egg cups.