Fowl pox

This is Goose. She was our first egg layer!
fowl-pox-04This is Biscuit.

I noticed some wart looking spots on a few of my chickens today. They are mainly on their combs and wattles and one has some on her foot. Ewww, I thought.

So I did some Google research and learned that they are infected with what’s called Fowl Pox (FP). It’s a virus that affects only birds and is transmitted by mosquitoes. Ewww.

It seems to be pretty common among flocks. There are two kinds. Dry and wet. The dry affects the dry, unfeathered parts of the bird, like the comb, wattle, legs and feet. The wet effect the wet parts, like the eyes, mouth, throat and vent.

It usually takes about 2-3 weeks to run its course. And it is super important to keep them as healthy and unstressed as possible. It can cause decrease in egg production and also cause stunted growth in young birds.

My plan is to give them extra vitamins and electrolytes to help strengthen their immune system. The other thing I’m doing is applying a paste of sulfur and Vaseline to the affected areas.

Hopefully it’ll clear up without any trouble.

I’ll keep you posted.

Chicken selfie!

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