Be the Oak

Baby oakThere are a few baby oak trees growing in our yard. We did not plant them. We don’t know where they came from since there aren’t any oak trees anywhere near our house. I like to think they are a gift to us. Maybe from a little squirrel. Maybe from Mama squirrel, who has lived in our mailbox for the past few years.

But the funny thing is, I really do think they are a gift. A reminder for me. A reminder to Be the Oak.

Often when things feel out of control, I tell myself, “Be the Oak.”
When I feel like I am about to lose it, I tell my self, “Be the Oak.”
When I just need a minute, I tell myself, “Be the Oak.”

I want to be that Oak tree with roots so deep and strong. With limbs so wide and protective.

When my kids feel like things are out of control, they can pummel and kick me with all of that frustration and I’ll “Be the Oak.”

When they feel like they are about to lose it, they can scream and cry at me and I’ll “Be the Oak.”

When they just need a minute, they can climb into my arms and I’ll “Be the Oak.”

I’ll be my Oak. I’ll be their Oak. With roots so deep, that even the strongest storm can’t knock me down.

Sonja Gapinski

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