Green Tomatoes

Harvesting Green TomatoesTonight we are getting our first really hard freeze. The temperature is going to be down in the 20’s for the next two nights. But you wouldn’t think it if you looked at our garden, it’s full of tomato flowers and sweet potato leaves. While prowling our garden this afternoon, we noticed many pretty baby green tomatoes. Since we didn’t want to lose them during the freeze, we decided to harvest them and make some green tomato salsa and green tomato bread.

Harvesting Green TomatoesThe kids are great helpers and really love being in the garden with me, especially when they get to pull things out of the ground and get dirt under their nails.

Monarch butterfly and bowl of green tomatoesA butterfly landed on a tomato while I was taking some photos and I was able to capture it just as it flew away.

WatchingThe butterfly landed on our miklweed and our cat was all too happy to keep a lookout.

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