Apple snack

Today was my turn to send snack for Doodle’s class. Sometimes I ask him what he had for snack and I cringe when he says things like: Cheetos, candy bars, cookies, Lucky Charms cereal. Those types of junk food snacks are just empty calories that spike sugar levels. They teach kids to reach for sugary or salty empty snacks instead of something healthy, nutrient rich.

I sent in apple slices soaked in orange juice. And you know what? The kids LOVED them. Several came up to me after school and asked if I could bring them in the next day too. 🙂

Backyard bike lean-to

Thomas made a lean-to for our bikes using materials we already had. The wood was leftover from rebuilding our shed and a few fence posts. The roof was vinyl from the bottom of an old blowup pool we had. The nails used to attach the roof were shingle roofing nails from re-shingling the shed. Total cost was $0.
Now our bikes have a happy home out of the rain. Thank you Thomas!

Tire swing

Tire swingI just couldn’t resist a few moments of swinging in our tire swing after I dropped the kids off at school this morning. The fog was beginning to clear and there was a magical feel about the air. Almost as if the gnomes and fairies were still around.

The duck pond

Duck pondWe went to the duck pond today. Duck pondThis guy was my favorite. I wanted to bring him home, but I think my cats would be jealous.Duck pondI think Girlie wanted to take a few home too.

Driving with Mom

Driving with MomSpending some time in the car with my mom was so wonderful. Watching her profile while she drove brought back so many memories from my childhood. Just the two of us, going on adventures. She is my beautiful hero.