Sweet Potato Quesadillas

Sweet Potato Quesadillas

Talk about YUMMY! This is definitely a favorite at our table.


1-2 lbs sweet potatoes, shredded or diced
1/2 cup finely diced onion
1/4 -1/2 cup chicken broth
1 tsp paprika or cumin or any other spice you would like
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/4 cup cottage cheese
8″ tortillas
Toppings (You can use any toppings that you like but I typically have these)
plain yogurt (use this instead of sour cream)
shredded cheese
guacamole or plain sliced avocado
fresh chopped cilantro


1. Heat chicken broth over medium heat in a pot until steaming, then add sweet potatoes and onion, cook until desired softness, stirring often and adding more chicken broth if mixture gets too dry. I like mine mushy, so I cook ’em for a while (about 30 min.) Once the sweet potatoes are soft, add spices and cottage cheese and cook until cheese is melted, about another 10 min.

2. Spray a large non-stick pan with cooing spray and heat over medium.

3. Now for the fun part, the quesadilla assembly. When the pan is nice and hot, place a tortilla in the pan, spread a layer of sweet potato mixture, smooth it out so that most of the tortilla is covered, top with avocado (or guacamole) salsa, yogurt, any other toppings you’d like, add a layer of shredded cheese and finish with the top tortilla. It doesn’t have to look pretty, because it will taste yummy. Flip the quesadilla over when the bottom gets nice and brown. Cook on the other side until it is also nice and brown.

4. Serve with any extra toppings you and your family like: plain yogurt, salsa, guacamole, chopped green onions…

Hope you enjoy!

Shredded vs. Diced Sweet Potatoes – either will work, diced sweet potatoes cook faster and become more mushy, shredded sweet potatoes take longer to cook and will retain some of its crunchiness. It just depends on what you prefer. I personally like the mushy better.

Filling the Quesadilla – you don’t want to add too much filling, because when you attempt to flip it over all the stuff will fall out. Not that that’s ever happened to me, never. I’ve never had a pan filled with gooey, cheesy, sweet potato mixture. Well, maybe only once or twice…

If you want to lessen the possible mess, only cover half of the tortilla with the sweet potato mixture and fold it over to make a half quesadilla. Then you only have to worry about the filling falling out on one side.

Sonja’s Healthful Swirl-Bits:
Use Chicken Broth instead of Oil for sauteing the sweet potatoes – Using chicken broth brings out the natural flavors of your food and is much healthier than oil.

Cottage Cheese – you may ask, “Why the cottage cheese?” It contains more casein protein, vitamins and minerals and has less fat than cheddar cheese. I use it as a way to increase the amount of protein in our meals.

Use Plain Yogurt instead of Sour Cream – Plain yogurt has less calories, less cholesterol, more protein, Vitamins and Minerals (especially Vitamin A and Folate).

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