playing in the dirt

I firmly believe kids need time to play freely outside. Yes it’s nice to have tons of toys, but too many can be a bad thing. Sometimes when I look around our yard, I think we don’t have enough playthings for our kids. But it doesn’t really seem to bother them. They get to use their imaginations, which I think is so much better than being confined to crappy plastic toys.

  • Here are some of their favorite things to do in our backyard:
  • Sword fighting with fallen tree branches
  • Digging holes in search of buried treasure
  • Filling those holes with water and making mud pits
  • Pretending the swing set is a pirate ship
  • Making things out of leaves, grass, dirt, and flowers
  • Making concoctions using our home-grown herbs
  • Climbing our trees and sometimes getting stuck
  • Playing Hide and Seek
  • Building fairy  and gnome houses

Yes, they get dirty. Yes, sometimes they get hurt and scraped. Yes, our yard is full of holes. But I LOVE seeing their smiling, mud-streaked faces when they invent a new game.
I have to admit: I’m lucky my kids are imaginative, silly, and play well together.

Sonja Gapinski

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