love will keep you safe

Hug my kids tight, pour my love into them. Hoping that it will keep them safe in this evil world.

I’m weeping for the little girl who was stolen. Sommer was her name. She was from our neighborhood. It was so close to home that I feel violated.

Hug my kids even tighter, praying my love will be enough.

monsters in the closet

So, how did you sleep last night, Buttercup?

Not good, Mommy.

Why not?

Because Buzz was all over me.

Buzz responds: But, I was keeping you company so the monsters wouldn’t get you.


Yes. I deserve the doughnut, I ran 5 miles.

sleepy time

Breathe in, Breathe out. Like the ebb and flow of the ocean. Dreams swirling around the room. I sit in the dark rocking my little boy and holding my little girl’s hand while they sleep. Listening to the sounds of their breathing while they sleep, I realize this is my small corner of heaven.

swimming with cheerios

Cheerio located. Spoon tracking. Swirling milk in pursuit. Spoon sneaking up from underneath like a submarine. Cornered Cheerio has no where to go. Swoop, it’s caught. Traveling towards the mouth. Success!!

He’s sitting there, lips pursed just like his daddy’s, they way they do when they concentrate really hard. I stop myself before I say “Hurry up” for the 86th time.  Nothing else matters to him but working the spoon around the pool of milk with a handful of swimming O’s, catching them all one at a time. I watch him for a few moments, sensing that this is an important experience for him, I remain quiet.

When all the Cheerios have been captured and disposed of, he declares “I’m done.” As I wipe off his face and hands, the smile on his face tells me how proud he is of himself.  I smile back and say “Well done, my little Cheerio monster.”