Leaf footed nymph in my garden!

Assassin bugs in my Garden!I was spending some time lamenting on how sad my garden looks when I saw these orange bugs on my corn stalks. I did a Google search and found that they were Leaf footed nymphs. Now they’ve progressed to my tomato plants.


They are sorta like stink bugs and really stick when you squish them. But, if I put on some work gloves and squish away, it’s not too bad.

Who needs to buy a soaker hose?

soaker hose
Our garden got a present today…its very own homemade soaker hose. We had several old hoses that had tears and weak spots and we turned them into a soaker hose. All it took was a hammer, a nail and some hammering. We poked holes about every 5-6 inches, then weaved it up and down the rows.

During the first use, it’s important to check the plants and soil after a few minutes to make sure that they’re getting  water. Also, keep an eye out for major leaks.  You don’t want the water to puddle. You might have to add a few more holes or re-adjust the direction of the spray.

Our Garden is so happy!