Who knew? My chickens love plain Greek yogurt. 

FYI, you really shouldn’t give them dairy because their systems can’t process the lactose and it can possibly upset their stomachs, causing diarrhea. So if you decide to give you chickens yogurt or any other dairy product, watch them carefully.

I didn’t see any ill affects from the yogurt. And they really, really loved it. 

Caution: Make sure you stand back when you give it to them. This stuff really flies when they eat it. 

Happy chickens!

Littlest adventurer

littlest adveturerThis little one had quite the adventure. Last night she got out of the enclosure and we thought she was a gonner. Kids were so sad. My neighbor comes over today and says they found a chick in their backyard. Did we want it? We were so happy to find her!