Homemade Valentine’s

2012-02-11-homemade-valentinesI know I could have gone to the dollar store and bought a box of the generic, cartoon character, boxed Valentine’s day cards. I know it would have been easier and less time consuming. But, I couldn’t do it. It’s too impersonal and uncreative. So instead, I pulled out the construction paper, scissors, glue, stickers, crayons and markers. While making each card, they thought about the friend it was for. They decided what stickers to use and what to say and draw. Each card was a story for their friend. They were thoughtful. And that is why I didn’t go to the dollar store.

My first marathon – 2011

My first marathon was The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer in Jacksonville Beach, FL, February 2011. After running the half marathon two years in a row, I decided to run the full. It was hard, but it felt awesome to finish.

This short film is dedicated to my Mom, Christine Sipe. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995. She is my inspiration.

I will be running this marathon again in 5 days and I’m nervous and excited again. Wish me luck.

Thanks for watching!