11 weeks to go

I’ve officially got only 11 weeks to go in my marathon training, and I am officially freaking out. I was training pretty good until the week before Thanksgiving. Yes, I blame it on that. We went out of town and then came home with the sniffles and the wheezers and the snotties. Of course I couldn’t run, because I felt a little bad. And I had to take care of the family. Mommy’s the anchor, you know.

Honestly, I really couldn’t breathe, I could barely talk, I went through at least 6 boxes of tissue, and 3 bottles of NyQuil.

I’ll use any excuse to get out of the 17-miler I’m supposed to do. It’s pretty intimidating. The longest I’ve ever run is 13.1 miles. I know, 17 is only 4 more than 13, but I’m a scaredy cat.


2 thoughts on “11 weeks to go

  1. Another fellow runner… how nice! I’m preparing to run a half marathon in November and by the way, you liked You Can Women in Business on facebook. Happy to connect.

  2. Good luck with your half marathon! Let me know how it goes. I’m about to start training for my 2nd marathon in February.

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